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Welcome to diAmano Chocolate. We are your trusted resource for questions related to Best Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Atlanta GA.  Besides offering information and answering chocolate related questions diAmano offers fresh, handmade chocolates & other mouth watering confections.

We offer everything from hand-crafted truffles & caramels to eye-popping gift baskets and even customized corporate-branded company gifts.

Best Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Atlanta GAOur company has grown over the years by crafting delights which are truly not only innovative & eye-catching but are really a great value.

Hand-Crafted Chocolate Delicacies Made “With Love” and Available in Store or Dispatched to You Nationwide

Our chocolate delicacies are available to be picked-up in store or shipped to you wherever you live. Our retail store is situated close to the Perimeter Mall near Peachtree-Dunwoody and 285 **(See the map at the bottom of this homepage to see directions).

In addition to being a classic choice in the Atlanta – we now dispatch our exceptional confections across America. From hand-crafted chocolate confections, specialized assorted chocolate boxes or chocolate-themed gift bins we’ve got you covered no matter where you live.

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Allow Our Knowledgeable Staff to Help You With any Chocolate Related Inqueries You May Have

All of our Atlanta-based employees are highly trained in the craft of making confections. We can help you with a broad assortment of questions relating to the chocolate producing process as well as answering your questions on specialty chocolates & confections.  Bring us your thoughts and we will do our very best to create an outstanding personalized confection – just for you.

The Very best Chocolate Around Custom Made By Hand With Love

We’re a fine Southern Chocolatier which has progressed to be a stable standard in the southeastern market by putting forth fresh, hand-crafted chocolate confections that taste extraordinary. Our chocolatiers follow confection-making techniques that have been carefully passed-down over centuries. We joined these time-honored confection making techniques with the very best in fresh premium-quality ingredients to produce our unique chocolate classics. In our travels we have taken inspiration in traditions from all over the globe. We incorporate these discoveries with our own experiences & ingenuity – as well as good ideas from our clients – to bring you the very finest in chocolate confections.

The diAmano Name

In Italian, “di a mano” means “of hand ” and “di amano” means “of love.” Since these terminologies truly reflect what we stand for, we have put the two together to develop diAmano Chocolate, “by hand with love”.   We placed an unbelievable amount of energy towards making sure that each piece of specialized chocolate we produce will be amongst the most extraordinary you’ve ever tried. We produce the finest handcrafted truffles, caramels, toffees, nut barks, chocolate dipped fruits, chocolate bars and other dipped confections in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate to delight even the most discriminating chocoholic.

A Quick History of Chocolate

Chocolate is thought to have been uncovered by the Mayan People over 2,000 years ago. Both the Mayan and the Aztec peoples believed the cacao bean had magical and divine characteristics. Cacao was used in their most sacred of rituals surrounding birth, death & marriage. Indeed, the Latin name for the cacao tree, theobroma cacao, means “food of the gods.” Sweetened chocolate wasn’t discovered until Europeans sailed for the Americas and tasted the native drink.

Europeans at first did not enjoy the bitter cacao concoction but after they discovered how to sweeten it with honey or sugar cane it rapidly grew in popularity. By the 17th century sweet chocolate was a extraordinary treat only available to the privileged class and it was believed to have nutritional, medicinal and even aphrodisiac properties.

It was not until the mid 1800′s that trial and error led to the origins of solid chocolate as we enjoy it today. Now, of course, this incredible bean is savored worldwide and chocolate as we know it right now is a tremendously popular product.

Chocolate Isn’t Simply Delicious – It Holds Important Healthful Benefits as well

Not only is chocolate tasty, it may possibly be remarkably good for you as well. More and more research has been carried out by medical experts that Handmade Chocolate Candyaffirms the exceptional wellness benefits of chocolate. Dark chocolate has been linked to lessening bad cholesterol levels & blood pressure and has even been shown to aiding brain function. The highly useful anti-oxidants found in the cocoa bean, known as flavanols, have also been shown to promote nitric oxide which has been shown to relax blood-vessels.

At diAmano Chocolate – we begin with the best premium ingredients. We use a higher grade of cocoa that is not only flavorful, but also has more of these healthy benefits. This fresh premium cocoa also produces ultra-smooth chocolate that will positively “wow” you when you try it.

Our chocolate is sourced from an old-world European chocolate manufacturer that has been developing the finest in chocolate for more than 140 years! Every component in the manufacturing procedure is meticulously regulated to make sure that this chocolate measures up to the most exacting standards. We add ingredients such as fresh fruits, nuts, and other fillings to produce our unparalleled delicacies. Once you take that first bite you’ll realize – THIS chocolate was truly made “by hand with love” just for you.

Custom-Made Gift Baskets, Corporate/Business Branded Confections & Other Uniquely Made-to-order Gifts

Because our confections are custom hand-crafted – we can produce one-of-a-kind gifts for anybody and virtually any occasion. Whether it’s an Easter gift for your children, a romantically themed gift or a business gift we can do it with creativity & elegance just for you.

We have the capacity to custom emboss your business logo, catchphrase, and/or layouts to a broad array gift boxes as well as edible pictures and offer sophisticated satin protected gift boxes that display your custom design or wording with a complementing ribbon. Gift baskets can be entirely personalized also with wishes, logos or statements, personalized ribbons and stickers for an enduring impression.

As well as fielding questions regarding Best Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Atlanta GA – diAmano offers the following items and services:

  • Chocolates & Gifts for Every Holiday
  • Valentines Chocolate & Romance Packages
  • Corporate & Business Gifts
  • 1,000+ Unique and Specialty Chocolate Molds
  • Novelty Chocolate Shapes
  • Custom Made Chocolate
  • Create Your Own Chocolates
  • Kosher Chocolate
  • Sugar Free Chocolate
  • Allergy Free Chocolate
  • Personalized Chocolates While You Wait
  • Infused And Salted Caramels
  • Custom Filled Pralines
  • Custom Engraved Gift Boxes
  • Personalized Custom Ribbon

For Your Convenience We Offer Online Shopping & Super Fast Delivery Nationwide

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